After a Social Security disability claim is awarded, when will Medicare start?

by Lisa on May 27, 2011

A claimant will become eligible for Medicare 29 months after the date that Social Security determines to be the onset date of disability.  For instance, if a person’s onset date of disability is 1/2009, Medicare would begin 29 months later or in 6/2011.  Approximately one or two months before a person becomes eligible for Medicare, an insurance card will be sent out to them with the Medicare coverage booklet and instructions.  There are four parts of Medicare.  Part A is automatically provided to a claimant, as part of the Title II disability award.  Part B is offered to a clamaint for an additional monthly premium (2011 rate $114.50), Part C is supplemental “Medigap” insurance which can be purchased for an additional premium and Part D is Medicare’s prescription plan, which also is purchased by additional premium.

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