How does Social Security decide if you are disabled?

by Lisa on July 27, 2011

Social Security decides a claim through a five-step process, which is called the “sequential analysis”.  It is through this process that the following is considered:

1.  Do you have a medical impairment or impairments?

2.  Is the impairment or are the impairments severe?

3. Will the impairment(s) last 12 months or longer?

4. Do the impairment(s) meet or equal the “listings”? (see other Blog post for the definition of “listings”)

5. Can you perform any of the jobs that you worked in the past?

6. Can you perform any other work in the general economy?

Social Security will carefully consider the above issues, along with your age, education and the type of work you performed in the past,  (whether it was arduous unskilled, unskilled, semi-skilled or skilled) in making a determination of disability.

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